Affiliate Casino

The Affiliate Way To Run Your Own Online Casino

So you’ve decided to run your own online casino! Congratulations would normally be in order, but perhaps it would be better to wait until you have seen for yourself how much all this is going to cost! If you have already done some initial research into the costs involved–as you obviously should with any new business venture–you would know by now that it doesn’t exactly come cheap. Whether you decide to develop your own online casino software from the ground up or buy a license for existing online casino software, both options will cost you upwards of several hundreds of thousands of dollars.
There is another option however, and that is to become an affiliate or a sub-licensee of an existing online casino. Not only is this the cheapest option by far, it can even be totally free. The main drawback to this type of arrangement is that actual casino owner will make most of the money. You can still make a fairly decent income–from 10% to 50% of the proceeds, depending on your arrangement with the casino–and for many people, this is enough reason to go into business. This is the best solution for those who are looking to start up an online casino as a second business.